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Friday, 12 September 2008

Feel better soon to my dear Mother!

I'm sorry that I haven't been around very much for the last few days or shown you any cards but my mother is in hospital and is now recovering from major surgery. She has been experiencing severe pain for the last year or so but without any answers from the doctors. However she had to be admitted at the beginning of July and they found she had multiple gall stones. They couldn't operate immediately as the gall bladder was too inflamed and had to wait at least 6 weeks. Well that time has come and she had her surgery yesterday. Unfortunately her "minor" overnight stay is now turning into "major" surgery with at least another 5 days in hospital. Her gall bladder was apparantly in a very bad state and they had to do a lot more work than they had originally planned. She is of course in extreme pain now but that will improve and eventually so will her quality of life. Please say a little prayer for her and wish her a speedy recovery. I am a stressed wreck and feel like I'm constantly at the hospital (as it is also the same hospital where I work, luckily for me so at least I can pop in frequently to see how she is). I hope I can show you some cards over the weekend but if not please bear with me and be assured that I will be back to normal as soon as I possibly can. Lots of love and well done if you've reached this far :0) Thanks for looking.


Diane.W. said...

Aww Denise!Hope your Mum is ok & feeling better soon :o)xxx

gina said...

Oh I hope your mom is ok and pain free very soon,
Take care
Gina xxx

Shelly said...

Sorry to hear your mum is unwell, hope she's feeling better soon! I'm sure she'll appreciate your visits! Take care xx

Sarah said...

I hope your mum is starting to feel a bit better now, or at least that the pain has subsided.
Take care of yourself too.
xx :0)