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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Sorry no cards but ...

I have a week off from work this week and foolishly told the kids that they had to tidy up their rooms. Ultimately that has meant me tidying their rooms whilst they hover around me! My back is now in half and I'm shattered. I did the DS2's room yesterday and DS1's room today. I am embarassed to show the before photo's but to appreciate the difference I have to. I forgot to take photo's before I started yesterday so I've only DS1's room to show you. Please don't think bad of me but they are 14 and 11.5 so big enough to clean their own rooms - but I couldn't leave them any longer. I'm hanging my head in shame *wink*. Thanks for looking.


Vicki said...

pmsl....snap, that's what I've been doing all day today Denise, only it was my daughters rooms, I've just now finished and what a difference. I've now got to tackle the boys rooms, they're 16 & 14 and their idea of cleaning is to tip everything into the bottom of their wardrobes, but I guess you somehow know that with having boys too. I think we are too soft with them hey!!!! Hope your back is getting better and that you enjoy the rest of your week, take care xx vicki xx

Diane.W. said...

Hey,Denise! Imagine the same scene when they are 18 &21!!!!!!!!!!!
My 2 are knee deep in mess,but I'm out of action,so was hoping they might get fed up of the mess & do it themselves,huh,no such luck!!!!
I just shut their doors & the house is instantly tidy again,lol!!!! ;O)x