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Saturday, 19 July 2008

School is over!

I can't believe the school year is over. My youngest son had his last day in Junior School yesterday and came home with his shirt covered in messages and signatures from his friends and teachers. He was a little sad to be leaving most of his friends behind (there are two catchment secondary schools for his junior school but most children don't go to the one that my son will be going to. We moved after my son started junior but decided to keep him there). I made quite a few thank you cards for the teachers but stupidly forgot to take photo's of them before my son wrote on them and took them to school. He received an award for excellent attendance and was given £50.00 to spend on a gift of his choice (lucky or what - when I was at school we just used to have colouring pencils or something!) He choose a computer game (!) and a lego stegasaurus model to build. I can't believe he will be starting secondary school in September, my boys are growing up so fast. Sorry if I've waffled on. Thanks for sticking to the end (if you have).


Diane.W. said...

Hi Denise!!!
Thanx for all your luvly comments & good wishes,you are a sweetie!!!
Luv all your latest cards,I feel sooo behind with everything.
One step at a time & I'll get there again,lol!!! :o)xxx

Tracey said...

Hi Denise,

A big thankyou for your 'welcome to blogland' on my new blog the other day. I am working my way through the blogmaze slowly but surely and now have a slide show of some of my cards on there.
thanks again for your support
Tracey x