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Friday, 13 June 2008

Friday the 13th all week!!

I've had a particularly trying week this week. Firstly my youngest son has been suffering terribly with his hayfever and his eye has been extremely irritable and puffy resulting in him being sent home from school. Then my grandfather was admitted to hospital yesterday evening with difficulty breathing. It's only about 2 weeks ago that he came home from hospital after having a horrendous fall that needed 12 stitches in his head, 5 in his eyebrow and 6 in his cheek. He was a mess. He is 94 years old and is now getting very frail and quite forgetful. The doctors are hopeful that they can alter his meds and make him feel better but please cross your fingers for a speedy recovery for him. Then to top off the week (and Friday the 13th) my youngest son (yes him again) fell whilst playing football in the park and has a huge lump on his forehead, grazes to his eyebrow, cheek and elbow and is feeling very sorry for himself. Wow, I hope that's it for a while! Sorry to ramble on but I think we've had our quota of mishaps for a while. Thanks for reading (if you got this far).

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Diane.W. said...

I certainly hope it stops now,you poor things.
Keep smiling :o)x